English-Malayalam Dictionary
Malayalam-English Dictionary

Developments of new media changed mode of communication exchange and storage of knowledge. In this situation, to share the knowledge acquired by various communities and to develop new ideas through joint effort, the digital media provides great support and plays a pivotal role. Hence it is essential to provide the service of digital media to the masses too. Moreover, language still seems to be a barrier in the efficient usage of facilities like e-mail, on-line chat and blogs. This limitation alienates the ordinary man from the usage of computers. The ‘Malayalam Computing’ project started by the Government of Kerala was started with the purpose to overcome this limitation.

Malayalam Language Software Products ‘BhashaMithram’ is a part of the Language Computing project and is a joint venture of Kerala State IT Mission and Centre for Development of Imaging Technology(C-DIT). A Malayalam –English Dictionary, an English-Malayalam Dictionary and a Malayalam Thesaurus are included in this project.

1.Malayalam-English Dictionary- includes around 30,000 Malayalam words and their English meanings.
2.English-Malayalam Dictionary- includes around 90,000 English words with their Malayalam meanings.
3. Malayalam Thesaurus- has about 10,000 Malayalam words and their related meanings


You need to get a Unicode font installed on your computer to read the content of this site. Here is a step-by-step guide to download and install a Malayalam Unicode font.

1. CLICK HERE to download the Malayalam Unicode font ML-NILA to your computer.
2. Go to the Fonts folder: My Computer> C> Windows> Fonts
3. Then to add font, go to: File> Install New Font. Then show the path of the ML-NILA, that you downloaded earlier.

Open the web browser.

1. Start Internet Explorer
2. Go to: Tools> Internet Options> Fonts> Select Malayalam in Language Script> Select ML-NILA in Webpage Font
3. Click OK.

1. Start Mozilla Firefox
2. Go to: Tools> Options> Content> Select ML-NILA in Fonts & Colours
3. Click OK